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What we need from you:

Your ID

A reference letter which is not older than 2018 and where you have worked for more than nine months. Please remember that your reference letter must be signed by your previous employer and have their physical address on it. It must have the commencement date and termination date of employment. It must have your duties. It must state reason for termination of employment

When can you register?


Monday to Friday

7:00 to 12:00am

Where should you register?


98 Willem Botha Street

Eldoraigne Ext 6




What will your wages be?

1 day   pw - R185.95 pd
2 days pw - R181.52 pd
3 days pw - R
181.52 pd
4 days pw - R
181.52 pd
5 days pw - R3345.20 pm

What are your working hours?


You will work 8.5 hours per day which includes 30min lunch

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