Bus fare increases


It is that time of the year AGAIN, when public transport entities increase their fares. 


The bus service from Atteridgeville and Hammanskraal will have their increase effective, from 1 April 2015.


Putco, will only increase their fares in July 2015. They are estimating an 8% increase. We should have the final increases end of June 2015. 


At our office we try to keep cost to you, our Client, at the utmost lowest, as well as market related. But due to the astronomic raise in Public Transport, many workers just abscond their workplace, because it isn't worth it for them to work. Transport will be a separate arrangement between you and the worker, we won't put it on the payslip or service statement,  we don't want to charge any of our Clients extra on this kind gesture. Where ever you, the Client, can find a way to assist the worker in this, it will be much appreciated. You only need to help her with transport  for the days she works with you - if you need the formula, please contact Charmaine on 0765220481, for assistance.


It's all about people and not business